Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jazz Fest

Spent the weekend in glorious New Orleans. I used to spend a lot of time down there but haven't in awhile. Life just gets away from you and somehow I forgot the glories of Crawfish Bread and the Gospel Tent.

One of the highlights was after the fest heading uptown with my hosts Tyler and Leeds and seeing the Soul Rebels at Tippitinas. Suddenly, half way though the set the drummer announces a special guest from outer space. It can't be. Or could it. Sure enough George Clinton and Parliament swarm the stage.

Then I notice Paul Shaeffer from Letterman is jamming on the keys. It was insane.

But during FLASHLIGHT the techs at Tips pull the plug on George's mic and even Paul's keyboard cause they have a new band coming on. Pulling the plug on parliament? What are you insane? It's a goddamn crime.

But George doesn't give a shit and just keeps singing. Gotta hand it to Paul cause he kept jamming without electricity. Eventually they muscle 'em off. But before they leave my producer Scott Franklin managed to buy George a drink and document some proof.

Four dozen Oysters later, and two slices of Pecan Pie I am ready to return to the cut...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I know, haven't written in a long time. I even forgot that I had this blog. And aren't blogs dead at this point. Isn't it all about twitter.

I'm a bit afraid to go down that path. Spend enough time staring at a screen already.

Well we see how many comments this post gets and if blogs still have a purpose.

Cutting Natalie as she loses her mind. That actress is a real talent. Can't wait for everyone to see the hard work she did.

I will write more...

Saturday, September 6, 2008


it's a thrill being back on the lido.  it is a beautiful festival.  perfectly run.  always putting the films first.  the audiences are generous and true cinema fans.

today i finally get some rest.  it's been a crazy few days filled with press and screenings.  folks seem very supportive.

mickey and evan are here and it's been a thrill showing them off.

tomorrow i fly to toronto.  hopefully the hurricane doesn't make us miss the premier!  anyone have any idea when and if it'll hit toronto?

see you all in north america soon.


Monday, September 1, 2008

the boss

just emerged from the dust bowl of burning man. it was a pretty unique experience. the last day was my favorite. not because of the big burn, but because the playa turned into a giant dust bowl. you could stare directly at the sun and it looked like a slightly bright moon. my shitty point and shoot couldn't capture it...

off to venice on wednesday. but i wanted to just share with you all the other music news i talked about in the past post. bruce springsteen wrote a beautiful original song for the closing the film. called THE WRESTLER it is a wonderful acoustic piece. makes me choke up every time i hear it. he really captured the spirit of the film and mickey's character in the piece.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


so apologies. i thought this blogging thing was gonna be easy. but i got lost in the cut and never found a breath to write.

so here's an update. we finished up in malta about a month ago. i never did get to that chinese restaurant, never tried the rabbit, but andy and i found a good indian place instead. who would think? we also ate at a place called ron's which was actually ran by a guy named godfrey. go figure. he made some great grilled fish and had the best sicilian cheese cake in malta.

anyway, we are now back in nyc mixing the film. granted a few pounds heavier. we're working with dom the mix master again, collaborator from pi and fountain days. it's slow work but coming together.

we are rushing to get ready for the venice film festival. we've been invited to compete on

SEPTEMBER 5th at 7pm in VENICE

on the lido. it will be close but we should make it. this will be THE WRESTLER'S world premier.

two days later we will be at the toronto film festival on

SEPTEMBER 7th at 6pm in the ELGIN in TORONTO

that's gonna be a crazy screening. i hope some of you readers will come out and support us.

hope all of you are well...


Saturday, April 12, 2008