Wednesday, August 6, 2008


so apologies. i thought this blogging thing was gonna be easy. but i got lost in the cut and never found a breath to write.

so here's an update. we finished up in malta about a month ago. i never did get to that chinese restaurant, never tried the rabbit, but andy and i found a good indian place instead. who would think? we also ate at a place called ron's which was actually ran by a guy named godfrey. go figure. he made some great grilled fish and had the best sicilian cheese cake in malta.

anyway, we are now back in nyc mixing the film. granted a few pounds heavier. we're working with dom the mix master again, collaborator from pi and fountain days. it's slow work but coming together.

we are rushing to get ready for the venice film festival. we've been invited to compete on

SEPTEMBER 5th at 7pm in VENICE

on the lido. it will be close but we should make it. this will be THE WRESTLER'S world premier.

two days later we will be at the toronto film festival on

SEPTEMBER 7th at 6pm in the ELGIN in TORONTO

that's gonna be a crazy screening. i hope some of you readers will come out and support us.

hope all of you are well...