Monday, October 1, 2007


Ok so the summer is really gone. The skies are gray over manhattan. It's depressing how quick these seasons fly by. I remember as a kid, they seemed to take forever. There was an infinite reality within a single august month back when I was a kid. Now it's four weekends and it's done. Whine Whine Whine. I know.

We are a week or so from telling all what is next. And guess what, nothing that you've seen on-line or anywhere is accurate. The new project has made no ripples in the press and I like it that way. We start shooting January and I am presently pulling together the team.

Pre-production should begin in the next few days. I will be casting the smaller roles hopefully in the next two weeks.

I plan to write here more once all my cards are on the table, so keep visiting.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great Darren, can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve this time!

The leaves are turning yellow over here too, but at least we have new green leaves to look forward to.

sahu said...

I had a professor once say something like, the perception of time is a function of how old you are so when you are 10 years old you have only lived 10 summers and so the summers seemingly take forever but after 30 years you have been thought 30 of them so they fly right on by. I wonder how they will feel at 80 or 90? Or at some point do they just feel the same all the time...not sure I am 32 now and the summers still feel like they are getting shorter….just some random thoughts. Can’t wait to hear what you have to announce.

JMV said...

Very excited!

I've had PI on the brain for the past couple of days and need a fix.

Henry said...


Love Monster said...

Looking forward to the new film. Aren't these blogs nifty? I use it to post movie reviews. I even did one of Requiem since we had a lecture on it in my film class.

Can't wait to see what you've got cooking this time.

Mattson Olteanu said...

Looking forward to your next bit.
I visited Coney Island for the first time this weekend. What a fantastic, fantastic place. Coney Island film festival was good as well. I suggested for the commentary for The Fountain to be on the "hit list" at the bottom of imdb's front page-- and it made it!


Manny said...

Sounds great, Darren! Put all those rumors to shame and surprise us with an awesome announcement of what's next on your plate. I hope it's still "Biblical". Anyways, good luck with casting... I'm sure it will be great!

nihil said...

I will continue to stop by waiting to hear all about the new project. I'm sure it'll as usual be quite interesting and truly innovative and thought provoking; such is the nature of your work!

time, it always feels to me that it dashes by when we savour it the most and seems to linger begrudgingly on when we want it to fly...

Elizabeth said...

I think it is so great that you have a blog!
If more directors had blogs, they would be more in touch with the fans and with reality.

I loved "The Fountain"; haven't seen your other films but plan to rent them...couldn't figure out how to use the program to hear the commentary by the way--why not publish the text for us techonological incompetents?

Lawrence said...

Good luck with the pre-production and the casting!


riccardotamburini said...

Hi Darren!
Here in Rome there are still some sunny days, but near home all is dying sweetly, falling asleep, waiting for a new spring.
Autumn is always a melancholic season!!!
But maybe the most creative!!
I'm glad you're starting a new project, I've always been touched by your movies and knowing that a new one is one the way makes me happy :)!!
I'm still waiting for The Fountain dvd to be released in Italy too (I saw it more than a year ago at the Venice film festival)!
And now I'm looking forward for some news about the new project ;)!
I dream that one day I will do a film as beautiful as one of yours!!!!
Ok, I'm writing too much...
Good luck ;)

Jaime said...


haven't spoken to or seen you in ages. just thinking of you today and decided to google -- glad you've got this blog! i hope you're very well and enjoying parenthood. i have a little one, too, now (2 yo), and live in upper NYS not far from linda b. have really enjoyed your films and will always be in the audience. would love to see you sometime!

all best to you,
jaime o. (from the hood)

Chris said...

I would love to see the show where I first learned of you again (I think it was 60 minutes). It followed four filmmakers to Sundance and the only thing I can remember now is that the show was postponed a year while you finished PI. I would love to see this as an extra someday. After that episode I decided I had to go to opening night in Columbus, OH of all of you films, which is oftentimes far past the actual opening. Can't wait for the next one!

Benton_Rooks said...

Glad to hear things are working out with the new project. I think I may know a little something something about it, I work with Todd Verow, and I know you two were friends when you went to AFI. Anyway, if you ever need an extra I am a film student in the city and would die at a chance to be on one of your sets. Hope everything is well.

-Your loyal forum keeper Benton

mikehedge said...

very exciting. good luck. Will you be shooting on RED? I just finished production on a short film we shot on RED #19.

Mike Hedge

Gabriel said...

Its never late .....

I dont know if you will read this Mr Aronofsky, but I need to say something about The Fountain.

Ive been waiting to see this film for quite a while (Il live in Lima, Peru) and the movie was just released last thursday, I saw it yesterday.

Before going, I was a little "afraid" cause Ive read that the movie was a little hard to understand. I was blown away with the film, the film moves in so many levels that I dont even know how to explain it.

One of my best scenes in the movie (it will sound strange but it actually is a very "strong" scene) is when Tom is walking on the street and there is no sound at all, nothing.

My father passed away a few years ago in a car accident, I still remember how numb my body became when I received "the call", I dint hear anything else, and I started to "vanish". With that single scene on the movie, you made me remember.

Mr Aronofsky, you have made a very powerfull and uplifting film.

Never loose your touch, keep doing films the way you do them. You are a true artist, a visionary, a story teller with heart and a lot of soul.

insidethegod said...


blah said...

For this upcoming announcement, would you mind postponing it til' the day before the movie comes out? Then I won't have to wait in torturous anticipation for a year and a half, like I did the Fountain :) I'm a BIG fan.

Luis Manuel said...

You need Whiskey and Music to Relax.

Good Luck whit your new movie. Maybe this will be diferent , because you dont have so much fever of be in love.

Mihajlo said...

Congrats on your last movies, big fan here :), but I feel that all the directors, writers, producers ...everyone somehow avoid the Balkan peninsula. Why I am saying this?

Well, always the Balkans are subject of war..and ONLY war, no body seems to ask the question "What happens to those people after those wars, and all the touching stories of self realization.

My point is...that movies are starting to get boring on the subject of Italy, Venice, Czech Republic...

I think you mr. Aronofsky as THE most competent person in the movie industry should exploit those countries. I live there and tell you the truth, it's a very exciting place, place with a wrong perseption of who the Balkans hand full od maniacs..

Love stories, Life stories...the inner being, it's there in this enormous puzzle of Balkan microcosmos isolated by the Western world.

Anne said...

Can't wait.

AlexTuis said...

I missed your blog since 10 days!
Well, I am very curious about this project, I hope you will have a regular report about all the process.
Anyway, I wish you the best!
Take care of you and yours.
And, well, have on look on my myspace page, it is the same name.

dedler said...

hey darren, this is kinda sad, but its worth a shot, Im a film and TV student at Tisch (NYU) and i absolutely LOVE your work, so if you need any sort of an intern or PA please call me! (561) 3710104

powerfilm said...

Great news! And thanks to you and Niko for coming thru with the Fountain Commentary. Much appreciated!

Richard R said...

On a totally unrelated subject. Whatever happened to Samia Shoaib?

It was as if she was on the cusp of breaking into a solid acting career, and then she just disappeared.

Aaron said...

I still check this blog every day.

Clutch 9 said...

As the last blogger said...I check this thing out at an obsessive 10 times a day...and the habit is getting worse...please Darren help us out, and let us know what direction you are going...either the Squared Circle of the Wrestling Mat or the Sweer Science of boxing...or whatever crazy trip you have...we, the hopeful will follow

Bodysnatchers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bodysnatchers said...

Darren, what is up with I Am Legend using music from The Fountain soundtrack? Don't get me wrong, that movie looks decent, but how and why are they using Mansell's music?

Can't wait for whatever you are about to start working on.

JENNIFER said...

Hi Darren and colleagues/fellow posters,
Watched The Fountain yesterday on dvd and so had the opportunity too of seeing the extended TreeShip footage. It was so very organic and beautiful, great to know how the atmospheric images were created. Hugh Jackman did you very well. I pity actors for having to manufacture emotions though that must dredge up all sorts of mind fevers, anyhow.
I have one criticism I'd like to offer for future dramatisations concerning battle scenes. I think they're corny mostly anyway, but the total vanquishing of a human life with one blow always seems to occur to extras while 'actors' get to survive even if for a short enough while to further the plot. This always makes me ask the question of battle scenes, 'was that completely necessary?' It was what ruined Peter Jackson's interpretation of The Ring epics and also completely distorted the Narnia movie. I thought perhaps the era of heroes was waning.

regards to you,
Jenny Bluefields

Dani_capulet said...

Wow! I didn't know the existence of this Forum. Darren Aronofsky's forum! Is so amazing!
Is one of my favourite directors.

Anybody knows the name of the new film or the plot?

1man said...

i'm waiting the result of your new work anyway. and now go to watch the fountain in 25 time.

Dustin said...

I can't wait for your next movie. It seems that some artists seem to move in similar regions of interest at similar spans of time as myself. I hope that your next project follows this trend.

Also, all of my family is getting The Fountain and Saul Williams NiggyStardust for XMas.

Thank you.

David Fahey said...

i just finished watching the fountain
since pi your vision has inspired me

Katileigh said...

I've been trying to get someone here to watch the Fountain with me but it seems people here are too simple minded. Last night though I tricked a couple of my friends into watching it and it's an amazing movie I love it....they thought it was alright but I could tell they didn't understand anything about the movie. Which I'm not claiming to understanding even a fourth of it. I've just started getting into you work about 2 months ago and I love the way it makes me think. I find myself trying to find things that make my mind do that but I'm really new to this kind of thing, if you have any suggestions for maybe something that gives you a "mind-twist" I'd love it. I can't wait to hear about your new film. Keep it up...The Fountain was addictive....

Segars said...

The anniversary of "The Fountain" theatrical release is near. I can't wait to watch it again.

I love the HD DVD! It looks/sounds incredible!

Joe Karg said...

I'm experiencing the exact opposite here in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I live in Atlanta, and every day is go, go, go, but spending a week at my grandparents home seems to have stopped time.

I've almost filled an entire watercolor sketchbook in two days, and I've had time for walks through the woods, wonderful meals, and one sided conversations with my grandfather. I feel like this week will never end, and I hope it doesn't.

I am very excited to hear about the new project. I'm sure it will be spectacular.

TDurden said...

The anticipation is killing me. Let's hear something new...

silverkid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Segars said...

Any more PA opportunities, Silverkid?

I'd gladly leave my videography job here in Florida for a chance to work on the next DA project.

Pay, or no pay, that's an experience that I would hate to pass up.

Sadehu said...

Hey Tzaddik,

I love your work and would appreciate it if you could check out my page at

Shalom from Jerusalem

A* said...

Darren You need me to act in your movie I just feel it

Im understanding you completly

Your movies touched me deply

Pi Pi man ;)

My CV:

Anonymous said...

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pollywog said...

time to let the cat out of the bag yet ???

lost boy? said...

hey darren, i made a song about fear, and i also cut up the test clips of pie along with some preview shots to put to it. its entitled "Here". u can hear it at

i was wondering if it was ok by you, if i could show you and maybe be able to post it? i wont post it or upload it to a page unless i have permission.

please email me if you have a chance:

love your all your works.


chuym said...

Just saw the fountain and gained, yet again, more respect for your work.

I will buy the rumored criterion collection version if/when it comes out.

I will be looking forward to your next project. I love to spend a few days pausing and going "WTF?!!"

luxferre666 said...

I know that's very stupid but I need Your help.
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I make matural presentation about You and Your movies because the best two directors I know are Krzysztof Kieslowski and Darren Aronofsky.
I will be very happy if I can see "Protozoa" and "Supermarket Sweep". Of course I can't find that movies in the Internet and here is my supplication...
I will be very grateful if you send me that films- I know that my message to You is strange and probably you never read it but I have to try.
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There is many people in Poland who love Your films- come to our country one day.
Sorry for my English...

Greetings from Poland

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the official unofficial Aronofsky forum guys! Come register and help us out.

Yong An said...

Just watched your movie "The Fountain." It is so interesting because I happen to be on a spiritual quest for the higher truth lately... and your movie came at just the right time. Perhaps my growing awareness of the higher consciousness is timed appropriately for my age - just turning 34 - or perhaps it's something I had been searching for as long as I can remember and I'm just finally getting closer to the enlightenment. What ever it is, your movie was a visual confirmation of allot I had imagined about love and our own perspectives of time and space. This will sound so weird but lately I had been having dreams that seem very symbolic which led me on my quest. Your movie was like one of my dreams... thank you

PS - I added you as a friend on myspace... I heard you are going to direct an episode of LOST and I'm a huge fan... I'm known as LostGirl - check out my lost blogs with out of this world theories.

Gonzalo Villarino P. said...

I’ve never seen something such as Pi. Is definitely the best movie ever created. How did you come up with such idea?.

To me, besides the outstanding plot and excellent performance of Max and Sol, is one of those movies where you find yourself asking- completely astonished and speechless- whether or not you get the whole message or just a brief enlightenment?.

Having seen the movie at least 4 times, I still wonder whether or not the 216 number indeed allowed Max to stand in a white void (god’s paradise?) repeating the digits of the number. Is he really facing god or the vision is just another product of his paranoia which provokes him hallucinations?

The untimely fair question would be, was everything a dream and did Max Cohen wake up on a park bench watching the trees blowing in the breeze, at peace, revealing to Jenna that he is no longer able to perform complex mental calculation?....

I am looking forward to seeing the next movie-.

danandmarlena said...

Nothing has EVER affected me like this movie has. I feel changed for life.
Let me just start by saying I’m no actor, just a normal guy (stay at home dad) who is one of the most cynical people you'd ever meet. I had a fairly bad attitude and could care less about anyone other than my family. No joke. I’ve seen more movies than most and predict the ending before it began. I suffer from Chronic Cluster Headaches. I’ve been on the verge of suicide for months now.
That being said; after seeing this movie it brought me to tears. I wasn't really sad. I wasn't feeling bad. I wasn't crying from joy. I wasn't crying at all.... I was just, feeling. For me The Fountain is an EXPERIENCE. I really can’t put it in words. I’ve been walking around with this feeling ever since I saw the movie and I can’t shake it.
I cried in front of my wife of 5 years for the first time ever.
This movie is poetry for the senses. This is a TRUE feeling for one’s mortality conveyed by the heart. Death can be a beautiful thing.
Clint Mansell’s marriage of the music to the film takes you beyond the pictures and cinematography to a state of mind. The music in the background for almost the entire movie reached out and touched my heart down to my very soul. I have truly been changed by this movie. In short; it saved my marriage...... and my life.
Thank you.

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