Monday, September 17, 2007


well you guys crashed the server. i guess we went over the maximum bandwidth. niko and i take that as a compliment so thanks. unfortunately we had to crush the file so now my voice sounds like mickey mouse's. oh well.

trying to get money for films suck. but we are close.


bgudna said...

whoops! sorry about that :D

Sebi said...

Darren, it's great you have this dark, little corner to post on.

Do you have any idea where you're gonna shoot your next film? The US? South America? Australia (mmh...) ?

Benton_Rooks said...


I left you the information for the admin account and login on your myspace, as it was the only way I could think of to get it across privately. Let me know if that is ok, or if you would prefer it another way, there are a couple of questions and suggestions in there as well. Looking forward to your reply.


Joe, The Mayor of Martyrdom said...

Glad I got it before then. Did you ever hear from Criterion?

Filmstalker said...

Hey Darren.

Why don't you make the commentary available as a torrent file, that way your bandwidth won't be eaten up.

AlexTuis said...

Hello dear Darren,

I am a big fan of your universe and I really would like to share mine with you.
Do you mind to have a look on my website:

Joon said...

Hello Darren,

You probably don't remember this due to all the Q&As you probably did for The Fountain, but when you were in Seattle's Neptune Theater I asked if you would come take a look at a CG short film I was working on at the UW. You declined, but I don't regret asking since I would've kicked myself for the rest of my life if I hadn't.

You did ask me if I could send you a DVD of it though, and while I can't do that at the moment, I can link you to the one on Youtube.

I found our short to share many parallels with your film. I hope you can tell us what you think.

And thank you for doing a commentary for The Fountain. I was disappointed when the DVD didn't have one. I'll be listening to it shortly.


Tom to the Action Man said...

i kept writing to criterion and they said they were having conflicts doing the fountain because of warner bros. i got that message from them about a month ago and i should've saved it, but have you heard from them?

Mattson Olteanu said...

I'm glad I downloaded the commentary two days ago, before it had a chance to crash... I'm setting it up and giving it its listen tonight. Hope you're doing well, sir.

Russ said...

I loved this movie... I only wish they let you put more bells and whistles on the DVD. Anyway, I look forward to seeing your next movie.

Jesse Zander Corum said...

A torrent is the way to go. If you don't want to put it up, perhaps Mattson Olteanu will post a torrent of the uncompressed version somewhere.

Also, if you ever get to do a super-deluxe DVD, I'll be buying it right away with no complaints about double-dipping. Such is my love for Darren's amazing film.

Trinity said...

Ha ha! It's when your fans DON'T crash the server that you have to start worrying. Keep up the grand work.

Alex said...

I second what filmstalker said, you should create a torrent for the file so that the burden of bandwidth could be taken off. Maybe you can use one of those online video sites to disseminate some visual material (similar to the commentary, perhaps? or a video podcast for this new project). There are some that actually have video of good quality (with widescreen and such). Thanks for creating a blog by a director that I actually want to read and best of luck on this new project.

Jane said...

Torrent time!

I have a huge yummy server, but not much bandwidth remaining (nor any idea of how much you need). The perfect solution would be to torrent, so a bunch of people can help out, like me, and stop when we hit our individual limits :)

Stefan S said...

i've heard the commentary and it's great stuff!

i think the torrent distribution should work :)
no more mickey mouse voice!

Clay said...

I saved the quicktime file to my system as soon as I saw it was available last week, so I have the original file.

I can create a torrent and seed it out to the 'net by tonight, as long as that's ok with Darren. I don't want to distribute it without permission.

timone said...

Loved the film, terrific commentary, Hugh and Rachael are fabulous.
What are you doing next?

Niko said...

Hello all.. niko here. i think what we will wind up doing is putting out a higher rez torrent and a link to it.. (thanks everyone above for showing me the way)
at least for now. ill try to get the higher rez version that i edited.. (same edit, just sounds way better then the original 30MB file i uploaded-i think its like 63 MB ) and MP3 of course.

any suggestions of where to post it... Demonoid, piratebay, ISO ..? im new to the (posting) torrent thing.

Thanks yall

Clay said...

Niko,, in addition to the ones you mentioned. demonoid isn't taking registrations but piratebay and suprnova are, once it starts getting seeded on those i'm sure the torrent file will start showing up on other trackers.

As soon as it's available I will seed as much as possible!

JulienW said...

For the "mickey's voice", You should try to keep 44,1khz for the MP3 sampling frequency, otherwise the flash player plays incorrectly the file.

Niko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Niko said...

Clay, ive been tryin to upload as a torrent and feel like an idiot.. can you help me out.

send me your email and we can set up a transfer of this file and you could do us a huge favor and upload it as a torrent and then email us the link? yeah? please? im kinda at a loss right now and you guys are right -torrent is the way to go here.

and thanks Julien for that info!

ill make sure its running at 44 k

you guys rule


Clay said...

Ok folks, the torrent has been uploaded. You can download the torrent and start downloading/sharing the full quality commentary mp3 file.

Remember to leave your bittorrent client open and seeding after your download completes to spread the love!

Antwrangler said...

Yeehaw thanks Clay
also i begged and pleaded with Network Solutions this morning and they said they would put DAs site back up within 24 hours but i had to pull the audio file... too much bandwidth it was drawing... soooo just in the nick of time i guess.... Thanks again Clay!

im seeding it right now!

Dave said...

I don't want to sound too much like a geeky fawning fan, but thank you for creating a director's commentary. I thought "The Fountain" was stunning, and the story and images stayed with me long after the film ended.

I've been a fan since I saw the first grainy camera shot in "Pi," and I can't wait to see what you create next.

Also, Happy New Year.

Benton_Rooks said...


I am still trying to push these forums I have into being official, but I think it will be difficult without Aronofsky actually being on the forums. Do you know of the best way in which to contact him privately? You can let me know on myspace or at

I think the sooner we gather everybody on the web the better, Darren deserves a proper fan community.

Henry said...

So its safe to say that, with the announcement that Brad Pitt is doing the fighter one week after you say "i'll commit in one week"'re probably doing the fighter?

Projectile Mayhem said...

Hey Darren,

Im the local film critic all the way here in Kuwait, the Middle East, and I just thought I'd let you know that when I published my top ten of 2006 last year, the Fountain was number one. I got a ton of feedback on that, and I was impressed to see how much of my arab bretheren reacterd positively to the film.

I guess growing up through Islam and having people become more and more aware of suffism gave them alot of perspective to the ideas brought forth in that masterpiece.

keep up the great work, i can't wait till your next job, whther it be Noah, The Fighter or Lone Cub.


tomee said...

Darren, I love the Idea for the Micky Ward Movie. Looks like a good Cast.
Local Stuff...Why has the Amazing Tale about the Making of the Quabbin Reservoir never been told in Your Medium!!
If Brad P. is joining the Mickey Cast that would be great.

beronica said...

Hi Darren! I'm preparing my degree about your movies (I study cinema) and I would like to have some informations about the ideas, the concepts and your inspirations about the visual appearence and narrative rythm of your wonderful movies.
If you're interested to help me in this work I let you my mail address.
Thanx a lot

Luis Manuel said...

Saludos para Darren Aronofsky desde Maracaibo,Venezuela.

Here is my I-Blog. Jeje!

Youll like it.

You are a Good Director!.



Darren Good luck on your new movie! i'm a great fan, and a screenwriter myself, i know how long and difficult it can be a raise money for a film.
I have 3 short films in pre-production in N.Y and my producer
is still looking for some money for 2 of them!

have a fabulous day!


Darren Good luck on your new movie! i'm a great fan, and a screenwriter myself, i know how long and difficult it can be a raise money for a film.
I have 3 short films in pre-production in N.Y and my producer
is still looking for some money for 2 of them!

have a fabulous day!


and by the way! i just loved the fountain. I think i have posted a review of my film on my blog at:

it is a very poetic and intelligent movie...So well done, so beautiful, so artistic...I'm shocked it had mixed reviews.
I still haven't listened to your commentaries yet, but i promise i'll do once my work is finished...Certainly next week.

Keep creating!

orbital said...

Thanks a lot Darren & Niko for putting up the audio commentary! [Hopefully I'll find the time to listen to it this week and blog it like my cinema review of The Fountain.]

All the best & luck for your upcoming projects - as always I'm pretty confident that it will be unique in many ways.

Kind regards from Germany!

caroxine said...

I was searching a way to tell you a how I love your movies... Just saw «The Fountain» for the second time(I bought the DVD), I cried half of the movie(again), that means for me : "This is a movie that my kids are going to see, they need to see it because this is CINEMA." Thank you so much to be there :)

vladtepesdrac said...

...and so ends another viewing of "The Fountain."

To think it's been 2 years since I first watched it, and yet the feelings hit me all the same.

You destroyed everything I ever knew about cinema, and put something magical in its place.

Jon L said...

Hi Darren, I just want to say, awesome job on Pi, Requiem, and especially The Fountain! I'm sorry to find that Fountain did so poorly at the box office, but I contributed my $20 to support the dvd ;-)

Anywho, it would be great to see a special edition US version released on DVD (I read elsewhere that a slick 2-disc German edition was available, but I don't speak german)

Additionally, thanks for posting your commentary to the Fountain online. One issue, with the reposting of the commentary via .torrent, Niko forgot to update the commentary's original page with the new download info: << Results in a 404 broken page

Cheers, keep up the good work.

Matt Powell said...

"Now, neighbor confines, purge you of your scum! Have you a ruffian that will swear, drink, dance, revel the night, rob, murder, and commit the oldest sins the newest kind of ways?" - William Shakespeare

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